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Fashion around the world has become major impacts towards human behavior and life. Bertapa power a certain style of fashion...Fashion huh??...It's a very subjective matter as different people will come out with different ideology and perspective. However, fashion as in most of human understanding is always changing but extremely attractive which popular in certain culture in certain time. Though many year have promote a great value of fashion...especially zaman sekarang ni...banyak dah fashion yang boleh kita tengok. We also always associate fashion with glamour and beauty.

Fashion for me just not refer to the clothes we are wearing but also includes the hair style, accessories, shoes, makeups and hijab and etc. A person with a style have a good touch of creativity as to conveyed their individual statement of expression. We love to use fashion to express ourselves and extend our personality...yang mane sekarang ni ramai tampil dengan pelbagai style tersendiri.. But the style will change day after day. Fashion always inspire by the ideas and other people touch of expression, as long if there are someone follows the style thus it will be accepted and become fashion.What ever it is, fashion has the power to transform an image and make a social statement which the style showed the characteristic of the social impacts and make an impression to the publics.

To some people fashion is a form of art and to others, it is for religion. Nowadays, many have posed a unique trend of fashion and introduce a different view of style without leaving their own individuality or genre or batas-batas agama. To that extend, comfortability should always be prioritized. Be comfort then you will enjoy and feel great about the style you project because fashion is a great and fun to begin with. But lets not overdoing it...but to think about it Ms lady Gaga has 'successfully' inspire unique and weird fashion style even though most people critiques her way of expression. Pelik tapi....tak menarik gk..he..anyway she very confident with her weirdo cloth/hair/ that also makes a great fashion style.

Fashion have the power to influence others in what direction fashion will go. Designers, celebrities or even we can manage to inspire the way people styles. As a Muslim, we likewise bond to fashion trend. As I do remember back then when Im starting to wear scarf or hijab, it is a time when most muslim girls wear a rectangle scarf (tudung empat segi tu..yang paling popular ialah tudung bawal la...ade mcm2 jenis grade (quite expensive for a good quality) tudung bawal nie still remain in the market as there are still many buyers out there.


Lisa Surihani

Then, coming to years later, then we introduce by tudung Wardina and tudung waheeda (which Im not very familiar with)...then we were introduce to tudung syria yang ade awning and people start to wear it until my mom also a huge fan of tudung syria..tudung ariana adalah tudung syria yang paling meletop la agaknye which come with a good quality of the fabrics..tudung ekin pun ala2 same gk gaya but im not a fan of this tudung so knowledge agak limited but i do agree that this tudung also called as tudung express which mmg pantas sebab tidak perlu nak melilit kat bahagian mane2 pun..then tetibe we were suprise by gaya tudung baru yg digayakan oleh siti..but well for certain people they might luv it..

Tudung Wardina

Tudung Siti

Tudung Ekin

Here we come to a new scarf or hijabs or we might called it as selendang...most teenagers luv it and it become a trend especially when it was wear by yunalis (~ dan sebenarnya...~la~la~la)...muslimah start to learn how wear it and we can find different style (how creative these gurl kan)and some of them making money by selling this selendang...dengan selendang gak boleh buat gaya siti tapi dengan menutup semua bahagian kepala la..

Tudung Yuna Style 1

Tudung Yuna Style 2

Tudung Yuna pelik je

This new style by Yuna (above) have made a new impression to the publics (bukan setakat perempuan je tapi lelaki pun minat amek tau gak) and markets. Ramai yang dah komen about her new style but for me honestly it's weird and brave. Maybe she want to make a little more different than any other style that have been presented to the muslimah world and it sure a bit surprise to us as we don't aspect Yuna to wear that particular hijab's style. What ever it is, that is her decision but remember the main agenda of the muslimah fashion even it for the style purposes.

In the same time, pashmina were introduced to the market. Quite sometimes later that pashmina get the attention by muslimah in Malaysia. When there are someone yang mengayakan dengan cantik sure akan cepat mendapat perhatian..Sekarang tidak ada masalah nak cari cara tutorial pakai pashmina sebab semuanya dihujung jari..klik..klik..then you will get a tutorial. Senang je kan.

After sometimes, pashmina sangat-sangat mendapat perhatian dengan kemunculan trend baru yang sangat digemari. Me myself also fond of this style yg sangat2 la simple. Im sure most of the muslimah out there sure know and heard of Hana Tajima-Simpson. She is a half japanese-english descent muslimah from London. A very talented and creative director and designer of MAYSAA (launch 2010..kalau tidak silap) which introduce to a new era of hijab style. She promote a simple style of wearing hijabs but not leaving the touch of extra chic and boyish look (haha this is based on my obeservation je)..Anda pula rase cam ne??Anyway, as my search thru google engine..banyak dah muslimah yang dah in luv with her simple stylo fashion. Well done to Hana Tajima not just only because she inspire us but also she give a new paradigm to change and to be creative and be true to ourselves. FYI, Hana Tajima pernah datang Malaysia bersama2 dengan Yuna and meet the bloggers (Maria Elena, Jazmine Blossom and etc...sure sonok kn). So this is how Hana expressed herself and it showed her individual statement of character. Im sure most of you know her more than me so let me stop here k...

Hana Style

Hana & MYASAA label

Tersangat lawoo..

*Credits to all picture above (via google search engine)


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