Friday, March 26, 2010

It's been a while for me to reach my own blog as I been so bz (1st, Im losing my inspiration...2nd, I really am not interested in writing as too many things happened to me (depressed me to dos so)...3rd, I am really too bz)It seems my life is not getting better as Im temporarily missing in action...I taught im trying harder in improving my life but maybe not harder enough! Life is always about learning, experiencing and understanding...I've go through with up and down in most difficult situation (like roller-coaster)...I lost my counts and tend to forget life so-called misery...still not hell (definitely won't be hell)...I don't want to admit as Im being a L but looking back my highway (so-called journey), there is no improvement and just getting more issues. But apart from that, I do realize that I've getting better at understanding my life (it still not enough) and the most important is I become more like me not someone else (I really tired of pleasing everyone else even though this people might not realize that)...Hoping it will getting better..Wish me luck! There's so much story I want to share yet there is no 1 reading this blog..hehe it so funny...but I will do it as it will helps me to flow my misery (hehe) outside my box and try to understand my life from my own perspective (hope there is someone else to share with and thus giving me advise).


  1. hopefully im the 1st reading ur excerpt.. dont think too much and just through without any sense of regret..
    lastly.. im pick the words from someone(i dont remember her name..hehe) to succeed must find the failure and remember only those people who are not successful just always give a lot of reasons.
    be strong.. surely the winner is yours...

  2. haha...thanks so much!i'll remember that



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